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PEP Personal UV Air Purifier introduces breakthrough technology in personal breathing safety


Weaverville NC - 2 April 2024


PEP Personal UV Air Purifier from SafeGloA new era in breathing safety began today when SafeGlo announced general availability of its latest product - PEP Personal UV Air Purifier.


Two years in development, PEP UV represents a breakthrough in breathing safety — the first personal air purifier. 


Compact, quiet, portable — and most important, filter-free - PEP UV creates a safe personal breathing zone. Unlike most air purifiers that try to filter a roomful of air, PEP delivers a bubble of disinfected air that surrounds the use.  


PEP UV combines patent-pending LVSA (Low Volume Shaped Air Flow) and an exclusive sealed UV-C disinfection chamber - for maximum personal safety.


PEP sets a new standard for air purifiers. Someday many companies will be cloning the PEP. Today, it stands alone, marking the way to greater health during times of contagion.

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